"You folks are the best! When I discovered that hot water was not circulating through our radiators, I was eager to make sure we had heat on the first frosty morning. Well, your service department was pleasant, helpful and sent Tom out to repair the problem. He came out within a half hour of my call! (and was) clean, neat, thorough, (and) competent. Thanks for great service."
David B.
Laconia, NH

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As the Lakes Region’s top home comfort and propane delivery company, Stafford Oil & Propane knows firsthand the benefits that propane offers.
It might seem strange for a heat pump to freeze during the hottest months of the year, but they can indeed succumb to icy buildup in summer.
If your central AC was shutting off frequently and struggling to keep your home cool last summer, it could have been overworked. Here are 7 signs to reflect on
We have 4 conveniently located gas stations across the Lakes Region of New Hampshire for all your traveling needs! Whether you’re a local resident or just passing through, we offer a variety of amenities to get you from Point A to Point B easily.
Are you looking for a full-service HVAC company for your business?
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"You replaced my boiler that was under warranty and also installed my air conditioning condenser. I told Bob how often I hear other people complain about their heating and air conditioning companies but I’m glad that’s not the case for me since I have Stafford as my company."
Steve M.
Barnstead, NH