"We have been with Stafford for many years and they have always provided us with the best customer service!!! I called this am as we had run out of fuel, to see if there were any delivery trucks in the area. Within 10 minutes there was a Stafford Oil truck in my yard filling us up!!!!!"
Charlene B.
Meredith, NH

Keep Cool and Carry On with Central Air Conditioning from Stafford Oil & Propane

dp_153787698.pngIf your central air conditioning has been around a decade or longer, let’s talk! There are a lot of reasons it might be time for an upgrade on your central air conditioner, starting with the fact that a new cooling system will be more efficient and could reduce your utility bills considerably. An older unit might also still use R-22 refrigerant, which has been found to be extremely harmful to the environment and is banned from production or sale. If this is the case, repairs and maintenance on your air conditioner will be more expensive and less effective.

Our technicians have gone through extensive training to become experts on all systems, so you can have confidence that your central air conditioner will be fixed the right way whenever possible. But there are times when it makes more sense to replace it than repair. If your utility bills have been going up at a higher rate than normal, the air conditioner has been in place for more than 10 years, or the repair is extensive and expensive, let us give you a free estimate on upgrading your central air conditioning system.

York-Logo_updated.pngWe will be happy to walk you through all of your options for new central air conditioning, and will make sure that all our recommendations will provide the most efficient and cost effective air conditioning possible. We can purchase and install central air conditioners from any manufacturer, but are proud to recommend York Central Air Conditioners.

Call or contact us today to find out more about new central air conditioning options or to schedule your annual system tune-up.

"I’ve been a Stafford customer since 1988. They’re an incredible company. They are always there when we need them—whether it’s for emergency service, or routine service, or the installation of new equipment. We use them for all of our heating and air conditioning needs. I’m especially pleased with the work done on my air conditioning system over the past few years, including the installation of my air conditioning condenser this past spring."
Carolyn C.
Laconia, NH