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How You Can Safely Benefit from Propane

October 28, 2022

Does your home run on a propane heating system? If so, you should know that propane is used safely and reliably by millions of Americans every year and Stafford Oil & Propane is your go-to propane expert. We provide propane delivery and have years of experience with propane heating equipment. Before you fire up your propane heating system this winter, here is some important safety information to help you enjoy the season to the fullest.

Propane Safety

  • Make sure you know what propane smells like – an odorant is added to propane to make it smell sulfuric, like rotten eggs. If you notice the smell, leave your home immediately and call us at (603) 524-1480 to report a possible leak.
  • Keep all outdoor propane appliances, including heaters, grills, and generators, outside. Do not use them in enclosed areas like a garage or basement.
  • Store propane cylinders outdoors.
  • Allow Stafford Oil & Propane to make all repairs and modifications to your equipment, valves, and other parts to ensure they run safely.
  • Call us if you see soot; propane burns cleanly, and any soot deposits indicate that your equipment is malfunctioning.
  • Yellow flame warning! A yellow or flickering flame is another sign that your equipment needs repair. Your propane equipment should burn with a steady blue flame.

What to do if you smell gas?

  • Immediately put out all smoking materials or other open flames, and do not operate lights, appliances, telephones, or cell phones in the house.
  • Leave the area immediately. Get everyone out of the building or area of a suspected gas leak.
  • Shut off the gas. If you can safely get to the main gas supply line on your propane tank, close the valve by turning it to the right (clockwise).
  • Report the leak. Call Stafford Oil & Propane to let us know about the issue. If you can’t reach us, call 911 or your local fire department.
  • Do not return to the building. Until our technicians or an emergency responder says it’s safe, remain outside of the building or area.
  • Get your system checked by Stafford before you use any propane equipment.

If you would like to become a Stafford Oil & Propane customer or have any questions about propane safety or delivery, contact us by giving us a call at (603) 524-1480. Stafford Oil & Propane has been your heating and cooling specialists since 1928.

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