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Learning Proper Propane Basics

June 07, 2021

Stafford Oil & Propane customers know all about the benefits of using propane in their homes, including its versatility and safety. Something New Hampshire homeowners may not know about is how to properly interact with their propane storage tank, such as when it comes time to read the gauge or turn off the tank.


Are you hesitant to approach your propane storage tank? Get more comfortable with the equipment on your property with these tips!


Reading Your Propane Tank Gauge


When using propane, it’s important to know how to read your propane tank gauge so you can better avoid running out of fuel. Although it might seem intimidating, checking the gauge is easy!


·         Open the lid of the propane tank to reveal the gauge.

o   Note: Since propane expands and contracts inside the tank as outdoor temperatures change, propane tanks are filled to about 80% capacity.

·         The numbers on the gauge express how full the tank is as a percentage. When the needle is on 80, you have a full tank. When the needle is on 40, the tank is half-full of propane.

·         If your tank runs out of propane, national safety code requires that a qualified professional inspect your propane system before the gas is turned back on.


Shutting Off Your Propane Tank


Knowing how to shut off your propane tank is crucial – even if you never end up using this knowledge, it’ll be good to have just in case!


·         Open the lid of the propane tank to reveal the shut-off valve.

·         Turn the shut-off valve to the right, or clockwise, to stop the flow of propane.

·         If you have more than one tank, shut them all off the same way.

·         Whenever the gas has been turned off, national safety codes require that a professional tests your propane system before turning the gas back on and re-lighting pilots.


The most important thing to keep in mind is that Stafford Oil & Propane is here for you! Whether it’s guiding you through the process of turning off your propane tank or helping you read and understand the tank gauge (or anything else propane related), give us a call or contact us online.

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