"We have been with Stafford for many years and they have always provided us with the best customer service!!! I called this am as we had run out of fuel, to see if there were any delivery trucks in the area. Within 10 minutes there was a Stafford Oil truck in my yard filling us up!!!!!"
Charlene B.
Meredith, NH

Winter Conservation Tips to Welcome the New Year

January 12, 2024

The holiday season is over, and your budget might be recovering from all the celebrations and gifts. Everyone would benefit from a little extra savings to start the New Year, and Stafford Oil & Propane can help!


Conserving energy on your home comfort will boost your savings by lowering your monthly energy bills. Here are a few tips from our energy experts to help put more money into your back pocket this winter:


·       Change the direction of your ceiling fan: Switching the direction of your fan to rotate in a clockwise direction will circulate warm air around your room by creating an updraft, allowing your heating equipment to work more efficiently.

·       Open the shades: Letting sunlight in during the day can naturally heat your home, giving your home comfort system a break. Remember to close your shades at night to block the cold from coming in.

·       Seal air leaks: If you’re feeling a draft in your home, it might be due to an air leak coming from an unsealed window, door, or wall. The cold air coming in can affect your thermostat and raise your energy bill, so it’s important to seal those leaks to save as much as you can.

     Turn down the heat: When you’re not home or sleeping, turn down your thermostat. It’s a simple way to save up to 15% a year on your heating costs!


With 90+ years in service, Stafford Oil & Propane understands the costs of keeping your home warm. To learn about more ways to save, use our online contact form, or call us at (603) 524-1480.

"WONDERFUL COMPANY TO DEAL WITH!! Have been a Stafford customer for 5+ years now. I've never had an issue getting a delivery on time, in fact this winter I forgot to check my tank, called Stafford, and they made a delivery that same day with no problems. The driver (Bob?) was very nice."
Diane T.
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