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Fuel Your Summertime Fun with the Power of Propane

June 15, 2022

Heading over to your vacation home this summer? Fuel all your summertime activities with one of the most versatile, safe fuels on the market. Here are a few ways using propane can make your summer one for the ages.


Summer is a great time to cook and eat outdoors while you enjoy the beautiful weather. Give your outdoor kitchen an extra boost by fueling your appliances with propane. Grill your steaks, salmon or brisket to perfection, make a delicious cheese pizza with your pizza oven, or rev up your outdoor stove burners to make your favorite summer pasta dishes. No matter what dishes you’re looking to create, propane can help you get the job done.


Say goodbye to dipping your toes in the pool to check its temperature. Propane is the perfect fuel for your pool heater or hot tub. Sip wine or listen to music while you enjoy a relaxing evening in the water, heated exactly to your liking. No more goosebumps, shivers or teeth clattering when you heat your pool or hot tub with propane.

Overall Relaxation

Alleviating stress and enjoying your favorite pastimes in your summer home have never been easier thanks to propane’s dependability. Heat your deck or patio while you watch the stars at night, or get toasty next to your nicely lit fire pit. Worried about mosquitos ruining your outdoor experience? Propane is a great fuel for your bug zappers and traps. No more being forced inside or cutting your activities short due to mosquito attacks.

Make the most of your summer home experience when you fuel your activities and appliances with propane. Whether you’re vacationing in Moultonborough, Meredith or Center Harbor, Stafford Oil & Propane is here to make sure you have all the propane you need. Have questions? Give us a call or contact us online today.

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