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Why Your Heat Pump Might Freeze Up in Summer

May 14, 2024

It might seem strange for a heat pump to freeze during the hottest months of the year, but they can indeed succumb to icy buildup in summer. Here at Stafford Oil & Propane, we want to help you stay comfortable throughout the year, so let’s explore why freezing happens and how to prevent it.


Heat pumps cool your home by absorbing heat from indoor air with a refrigerant circulating through evaporator coils. As warm air passes over these coils, condensation forms. Under normal conditions, this moisture is routed away. However, if the coils get too cold, the condensation can freeze, creating a layer of ice.


So, what causes the coils to get excessively cold? Here are the main culprits:

·         Low refrigerant levels: Refrigerant plays a vital role in heat transfer. Low levels reduce the system’s ability to absorb heat, leading to colder coils.

·         Dirty coils: A dirty evaporator coil struggles to absorb heat effectively. This can cause the coil to overcompensate by getting too cold.

·         Restricted airflow: Blocked air filters, closed vents, or a malfunctioning blower can all impede airflow over the coils. Reduced air flow limits heat absorption, which is why we recommend checking and replacing your air filter at least once a month.


If you notice ice on your heat pump’s outdoor unit, shut it down and let it defrost manually. If your heat pump is still unable to defrost, contact Stafford Oil & Propane for diagnosis and repairs. Our technicians have the expertise to get your heat pump back up and running so you won’t be without air conditioning for long. We are also happy to perform regular maintenance in the form of a tune-up, where we’ll inspect your heat pump, clean the coils, and ensure proper refrigerant levels. Contact us and visit our air conditioning services page to find out more.

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